I have my grandmother's POA. She and my mother and aunt (her daughters) thought it would be a good idea for me to have it as they are in her will, and I am not. Her husband died almost 2 years ago, and even when he was alive his children had nothing to do with him or her. After 2 years my grandmother's stepchildren have started visiting her at nursing home. They lied to head nurse and told her they were her daughters and wanted health information, but the nurse knew right away they were lying and let us know. They are upsetting her and agitating her. The nursing home said I could only stop them from visiting if had restraining order.

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Thank you very much. I will research that and look to see if forms are online
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You might not need funds other than for service. You might also not need an attorney.

Contact your local police or county government and ask how to get a restraining order.

When I got one for my parents, we met with a volunteer attorney in the PPO (Personal Protection Order) office, completed a Petition, to which I attached the list of justifications I prepared as grounds for a PPO). Then I was sent to the judge who was "on call" that day, presented the Petition and blank Order, and the Judge signed it.

In our county at that time the Sheriff's Office was responsible for service. I think it cost $20 to get the Petition and Order served.

Do some research; if the cost of service is all you have to pay (like us), that's a good deal.

Now, in our county, the forms are all online and all one has to do is select the appropriate one, download and print it and complete it, then head to the courthouse.
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She has no money. The nursing home gets her whole check and state pays the rest. I may just have to do it out of my own pocket. Thanks for responses
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Get the order!!!! See the attorney and pay him from her funds, it would be totally appropriate.
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So, go for a restraining order. What is the worse that can happen? You'd get turned down? Use GM's money to do this.

Perhaps the order could be that they may only have supervised visits, and the NH would have to agree to provide the supervision. Or that they can't visit at all. Whatever would be best for GM.

Go for it.
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