I was my mother's caregiver for several years. We had a joint checking acct with $2500 which my POA brother closed 3 days prior to her death. She intended for the joint acct to go to me but never gave specific instructions to my siblings stating this. As POA was my brother allowed to do this? I have never seen this POA document

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Wow - lots of questions here, and a complicated situation.

1. Your profile states that your mother had cancer. Was she also suffering from any type of confusion that would render her unable to handle her own affairs?

2. Although you've never seen the proof that your brother was proxy (presumably under a financial and legal POA), do you have any idea whether it required a declaration of mental insufficiency for him to act? If not, and if your mother was able to make legal/financial decisions, then it would seem he closed the account without proper authority.

3. That raises the issue of the bank's role. Have you spoken with them? What's their position? If you and your mother were joint signatories, I don't see how he could close the account without a POA authorization.

4. Did you and your mother have an account that provided for payment on death to you? I.e., were you joint signatories with "rights of survivorship"?

5. I assume your brother won't provide a copy of the POA?

Providing a little bit more background can help with responses and suggestions.
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