Can my husband report our goddaughter for abuse?


My husband has our godaughter, who is living in the same house in zrkansas, and shd is mentally ill. She rents a room from him she doesnt hdlp with taking care of
The house there. She uses the wheel chair as a crutch. She is also a cutter.can he report her? Pami

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I take this question as 1)your goddaughter is a grown adult who is wheelchair bound with a mental illness, who is abusive to your husband and self abusive as a cutter.
2) Your husband does not have the skills or knowledge of how to deal with her but has been willing to rent a room to help her.
3) You are not living with your husband...are you separated/divorced?
4) if your husband did report her for abuse to him and herself, would that not open the door for help for her?

My thoughts are when/if the goddaughter gets in a mode of abusing your husband, calling the police would provide documentation plus the police can have her transferred to a hospital for evaluation. While this may sound cruel, but she needs to be evaluated and placed somewhere where she is looked after by professionals who have been trained and educated to take care of her. This is not a bad is a good thing especially if your goddaughter is not managing her meds and your husband cannot manage her. Dealing with someone with a mental illness is not easy.

I don't know how old your husband is or how old the goddaughter is so I am assuming she is an adult and your husband is at least 60+. More info would be helpful....Hugs to you and your husband.
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JessieBelle makes a good point. Is there some reason she's not living with her parents?
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I'm unclear what he would report her for. If my understanding of godfather is right, he accepted responsibility to help her spiritually. It sounds like she needs his help now. Perhaps the best first step would be for him to talk to the parents and try to help the girl.

Does the lease agreement say that she will do housework as part of her rent? Tell us a bit more and maybe we'll get a clearer picture.
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I would hope that he would in fact get help for her.

If she's a goddaughter and not related by blood, he could still intervene and get help for her, ASAP.

You say she is mentally ill. I assume she's an adult? Has she been getting any psychiatric treatment in the past?

I think there's a lot more to this situation so it would help if you give more details, especially about this poor young woman's situation and what help has been or not been available for her.

She needs medical and psychiatric intervention, NOW.
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