My mother was sequestered and exploited in Florida, by brother and sister in law. never let anyone talk to her. when i found mom in Tennessee NH she was in a Medicaid n/m. I spoke with ombudsman and legal aid. i even took my brother to court for guardianship. Brother had no receipts or her checking account. admin at nursing home said only took brothers word...nobody went back 5 yrs because brother said he took 250+k because he and wife needed money. mom is dead 2yrs now, never received moms medical records per court order. nobody will update me or even tell me what punishment brother received. he told judge he needed money. doctor made her incompetent cause he could not wake her up. n/h admin. never was called to court room to show the abuse and neglect. in moms med records moms guardian at litim made her indigent but said no signs of abuse or neglect. mom died 2 yrs ago, no probate or will.finally the sheriff called me in nov.2113 that they found the will, but will not send me a copy. how do i find out if will was real.

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As long as the investigation is ongoing, the police will not share any details. If you can find out who is in charge of the investigation, keep in touch with them.
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