I ask this question because my husband and I are living in my husbands ex-wifes house and things have become unbearable for both of us, and especially myself. His ex-wife and I have gotten into several disagreements which has really made me upset. She is trying to tell me that I can't move my husband out of the state while he is with hospice. Her interference in our lives is causing much grief. Please tell him me can his hospice be transferred to another state?

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You certainly can transfer him. Hospice is a Medicare benefit which is a national program. The issue will be he cannot be on two hospice programs at the same time. This is even true if someone is in the hospital one day, hospice cannot admit them until the next day. (Assuming that Medicare is covering the hospital stay.) So the process is “simple”. Find a hospice company in the new state, some actually have a presence in multiple states which would make it easier. Either way, discharge from the first state, transfer to the new state and establish hospice in the new state. Hospice A can send orders to Hospice B.

I helped move my brother in law from PA to WI for his last few days. We drove him in a RV cross country with family as his care team. We had medically trained family members so this was possible but hospice provided us with the medications and equipment we needed for the transport. The WI hospice team was there that next day to admit him. Good luck to you and your husband. God speed.
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First of all, what the hell are you two doing living in her house instead of your own? She's your husbands ex wife for goodness sake! And she's his ex for a very good reason.
Secondly, hospice is available in all 50 states bc it's covered by Medicare so tell your husband's ex that she's full of hooey and she needs to butt out, shut up and get herself a life. Then the two of you need to move out of her house. Now!
Unless she's been appointed as your husband's POA, which I highly doubt, she has no say in where he gets hospice services. That choice is his and yours to make alone.
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You can’t just transfer him, you would have to have him discharged from hospice where you are now and then find a new provider in the new state. He would be without care during the transition. And if he is on Medicaid, it doesn’t cross state lines so you would have to apply for Medicaid in the new state as well.

How will you transport him? Hospice won’t pay for that. Is he able to ambulance or would he require medical transport?
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Perhaps you need to be more assertive in regards to doing the research instead of listening to her. Get out from under her and live your own lives to the best you can.
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Ask Hospice if they can recommend a Hospice where you are going to be moving. If they can't do a search for Hospice in the area you are going to move to and do a bit of a phone interview. And tell them that you are going to be moving to their area and ask how to get his medical information transferred to them.
Most of the records are Electronic so that should be easy all it would need is your signature and authorization to share the information.
The most difficult thing would be the transportation.
Does he need a medic van or ambulance? If so that would be the most difficult and expensive part. If he can ride in your car or a van then it is easy.
Talk to the Hospice Social Worker and she/he can help as well.
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You can Certainly Move your own Husband Out of State and See to it He is taken care of by Anothr HOSPICE. They are in every State Here, dear. Lose Contact with His EX, Why are you bothering to Keep in Touch? If she wanted to make sure he was well taken Car of, Why ar you NOW married to Him? Unload her, Start FRESH.
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I don't see a problem with you getting him hospice in another state.
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Yes. Check with your hospice facilitator or administrator. Take care of your husband. Get out of that house now!
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Is he on Medicaid? That would make things more difficult.

Have you asked her where she is getting her information from? How do you come to be living in her home?
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Of course you can move. You can move anywhere in the world if you want. What would be the reason she wants him to stay close? And why not just tell her his life decisions belong to you now, not her. Not sure why you live with her, but clearly time to move out.

Also, hospice can be stopped even after it is started. At any time you can request that he be given curing treatment (antibiotic, food, water, etc) and he will come off the hospice care.
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