My mom is currently in a Memory Care facility, but recently they told me she might need to move to a nursing home soon. She is having difficulty eating, and she has to be able to feed herself to stay there. Is a nursing home the same as hospice?

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Struggling, each facility (and sometimes geographical region) has different regulations for the types of elder care. There may be other memory care facilities in your locale that would allow your Mom to stay in assisted living memory care. For example, my Mom's facility pretty much worked very hard to keep the residents to the end. Having said that, they wouldn't keep her when she had MRSA, so off to a nursing home she went. (Fortunately, the meds worked and she was able to return). The ALF/Memory care place typically gets to set their own rules. but to answer your question, NO nursing home is not hospice.
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The short answer is no, of course not. Lots of people live in a nursing facility for years because they need support with their ADLs or have complicated medical problems that require nursing care.
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