Can dad use Amazon Echo in a facility?


My 90 year old dad fell and has a subdural hematoma. Surgery is not an option. He's been in the hospital for observation to get his 3 midnights, and is moving to rehab/skilled nursing facility this afternoon. We are looking for a way to have music there & he's used to using the Echo at home. Does it make sense to bring one with us?



Doesn't the Echo require wi-fi?
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I did not take my husband's Echo for same reason stated by FF but instead bought a clock CD player at Goodwill and asked the aides to play a CD from the box I have in his nightstand when he is resting during the day. Of course I am not sure if they do this very often but I do it for him the few times I am in his room. I also play Pandora on my phone while we sit together on the patio after dinner each evening. Since he no longer communicates it is a shared "activity" as we hold hands and enjoy the sunshine.
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altopower, check with the facility first to see if Echo's or similar devices are even allowed.

With any facility where there is a mix of people with physical issues and/or memory lost issues, items do tend to disappear. Thus, it is important not to have anything of cost sitting in a room. Usually it is the residents with memory issues who see something they like and walk off with it.... they no longer realize they are doing something wrong.
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