Brother with history of bankruptcy, divorces and collecting disability just met a woman and is putting house up for sale and moving to another state with this woman. Question is where will my mom with dementia be going? He has phone lines down, used her finances and isolated my mother and APS in that state is doing nothing. How is this possible nobody returns calls or tries to put me in contact with my mom? What can be done besides filing for guardianship? I’m supposed to guess if she is safe and let my impulsive brother with known psych disorder move her into a strangers house in another state? I don’t know if he even has a POA as he had an attorney remove me off health care proxy and durable POA but has bankruptcy past and the bank is supposedly acting as a trustee.

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Your best (and possibly only) recourse is to take this to an elder law attorney for a 1 hr consult to discuss possible elder abuse and any action. It will be worth the money to help your mom and stop your brother.
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