This is an assisted living facility in Northern Indiana.

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There are so many different restrictions related to covid19, I do know that some places are still curtailing the free movement of residents because of that.
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Tothill Sep 7, 2020
I know that nursing home sin BC are not allowing residents to go out of the facility. If they did, they would have to quarantine for 14 days after they came back inside.

Covid is deadly for seniors.
Is it memory care? Is the outside area secured? My mom was not allowed to go outside alone as she had already tried to scale a six foot fence, once.
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If it’s actually an Assisted Living place, they operate quite differently than an NH which is skilled nursing care facility.

AL are supposed to have residents who are basically good on their ADLs (acitivities of daily living) and supposed to be pretty competent and cognitive. They might need help pulling a back zipper up, or medication management, or in transitioning in & out of the tub. But they basically are free to go & do. They get up, get dressed & get themselves on over to meals & activities with maybe the staff stopping by each morning to take a peek in or fastening clothing. If it’s AL they cannot be held inside if they choose to go outside. Or get their keys and go for a drive if they still have a car.

If she’s doing this and endangering herself, she needs a higher level of care. Maybe not skilled nursing care facility but locked ward / limited egress Memory Care facility. The costs for either are going to be oodles more than AL.

Is this at the point where you are being contacted by staff as to concerns about her? Or that she is leaving gates or doors open & has become a problem for other residents?
Have other residents or their family filed any complaints about her behavior? maybe wandering in others rooms or other inappropriate stuff? If so, ask the AL who they would suggest to do a “needs Assessment” on mom. Usually it’s a geriatric RN & SW duo. Often NH & MC have them on staff and do the assessment as a part of the admissions process for those entering the place from living at home or living in IL or AL, so that they can be assured that the facility can provide the level of care needed. You want to be proactive on this, to find a solution as often a place will do a 30 day notice(to move) if resident and their family just ignore the situation or expect the place to provide a way higher level of care than AL need to do.
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If the nursing home/ assisted living resident is able to go outside on their own I can't see any reason why they should be prevented from doing so. Most nursing homes and assisted living facilities have an outdoor area almost like a courtyard that the residents can go to. They are always walled in and there is no way for anyone there to get off the property and wander off. The facility where your resident is does not have something like this? Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are not prisons. There's no reason why your person can't go outside.
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When you asked the reason she cannot go outside what did they tell you?
There must be a reason for this. Just possibly this is a locked unit? With some patients so ill that they would wander and pose a danger to themselves?
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