My friend in good physical shape lives in an assisted living facility.

Loves tv basketball games. Expressed eagerness for wii or other basketball gaming device.

Would make him happier with this activity during Covid19 room confinement.

Lives in large Assisted Living Facility, part of a chain.

Please share how administratively we can make this happen for my friend.

You will all have to be patient for now. I’m sure the facility will allow his family or friends to come in and install the WII & show him how to use it once the facility is no longer locked down. If you are wanting them to set it up for him now, that’s just not going to happen. Even under normal circumstances, this isn’t something they would do.
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Be aware, like Geaton said, its not the ALs responsibility to set this stuff up. Or to monitor him. Its like living in an apartment. Only he gets 3 meals a day and his meds. If he needs it, help with ADLs.

Doesn't Wii hook up to your TV? So then you have to understand "imput" and how to get in and out. Meaning he needs to know how to get back to TV mode. You can screw up a Smart TV if you don't know what your doing. Its not the staffs responsibility to help him with this. This kind of stuff is left up to the family. What he wants may not be practical.

I like the hand held idea. U turn it on, you turn it off.
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What did the Assisted Living facility say? Do they think he's able to play video games or would he just be frustrated by them? Is he able to learn new things? If he isn't already aware of how to use a Wii or Playstation, now might not the be time to teach him.

Try sending him a handheld gaming system. See how that works out before you invest in a more elaborate setup. My dad enjoyed the gambling ones.
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RsdntAdvct, I don't think now is the time to try to get the staff on board with this. They are already stretched to the max just taking care of the basics for people. Even if we weren't in lockdown mode, unless the facility has a dedicated Tech person and the AL residents are willing to pay extra for that support, I don't see them being very enthused about this. I'm my 90-yr old mom's tech person for her tablet and flip phone. I can't imagine trying to deal with the Wii for seniors who press random buttons and misplace/throw out the remotes. My MIL just lost the remote for her tv in her LTC room. She doesn't even get out of bed so I'm thinking she put it on her dinner tray and it got thrown out.

Present your idea to the admin after things resume to normal for the facility. You need to present a fully thought-out plan that addresses the issues I've mentioned, and including short- and long-term costs. This idea could work if they set it up in a common area/room so that everyone could access it and play communally. But trying to teach new technology to people with short-term memory issues is inherently problematic. Maybe do some research to see if any other facilities in the nation have attempted this and what the outcome was. It's a lot of effort if it's not going to work in the long-run.
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