I am burned out from caregiving! Is there anywhere to go for some kind of retreat or healing environment just to get away from it all?

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I bought a Wii and exercise board a few months ago. My knees can't handle all the exercises but the yoga (the very easy moves) do help me to relax. It doesn't burn calories - but it does 'burn stress'

I really didn't want to join a class - if you are older and a beginner - it can be stressful because you just can't keep up. This way, I can go over and over the same moves and the 'virtual person' is very patient with me :0) I LOVE MY Wii!
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I am sorry you feel that way about caregiving right now. You are not alone. Many caregivers out there feel the same way you do. I know this is not a retreat but yoga might be a healing environment. Many caregivers find stress relief and relaxation from the breathing of yoga. Here is an article that might help you understand more what yoga can do for the caregivers.

A Skeptical Caregiver’s Guide to the Oms and Asanas of Yoga

Hope you will try this,
Karie H.
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I havent heard of any, but it sure would be nice if a person could find someplace like that.

It can be a challenge at times when the person you're caregiver to lives else where (been there, done that for quite a few years)... but when its under the same roof 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... especially for a number of years (we're at about 10 years now)... its a whole other story.

To be in an environment like your mentioned, even for a couple of days, would feel so good.
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