I have cared for my Mother and Father for the past 3 years. They don't live with me, Mum is in a Nursing Home and Dad will be joining her there tomorrow. The whole journey has left me so very exhausted and although i am not depressed, I just feel as if I have lost my soul. Both of my parents have had extremley high emotional needs and my dads also has VERY challenging behaviour. My aunt once saw me snap at him and told my sister how unreasonable I was with him. But she did know the history behind it, such as coordinating care, taxi's etc for him to visit my mum and him refusing to get in the taxi to go home etc. My aunt was not aware of how much coordinating needs to be done to get him home etc, if I made a film of this, I would probably be walking on the red carpet to recieve my oscar some time next year for the best writer, director and actress. Anyhow, I have given up work once again and I feel so tired today, I need and want a holiday. Any suggestions, I live in the UK and don't want to fly more than 6 ish hours. I need peace, sunshine and harmony for one week with my neglected husband.
PS: To all the carers in this world, I think we should applaude ourselves for not walking away, on having the strenght to face our challenges and beliefs, and do a job that needs to be done, as much as it destroys us at times. I wish I could be like many others and simply walk away from many situations, the outcome may be the same, but I am what I am and I gain no financial gain from what I do, but I do it for love (as Prince Charles once said "whatever love is?").

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Things should be getting less stressful when your dad goes to the same facility as your mom right? At least you won't have to taxi him to see her all the time. Once he gets settled in, take yourself and your hubby on vacation. Like you want, somewhere warm and sunny. ------
"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loves is born of God, and knows God." I John 4:7:
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