Is there a better solution for dry skin than using Baby Oil?

Mom always wants to use baby oil on her skin right after her shower. Next day her skin is still flaky. I was wondering if there is a lotion that would keep her skin more moist. She bathes about two to three times a week.

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I find Cetaphil and Aveeno to be super moisturizing. You might also might want to look at the soap she is using. Cetaphil makes a body wash that is not soap based and thus not drying.
I was once told by a doctor that repeated use of baby oil will actually dry out the skin. It was a long time ago. There are many good lotions available I use Averno, mom uses Vaseline Intensive Care. Also she could apply the lotion daily until the skin begins to look and feel better.

You can probably google to look for info in baby oil drying effects.
Believe it or not I use hair conditioner, just a pea size amount will do my entire face. Don't get it too close to your eyes. Any good hair conditioner with panthenol or pro vitamin B5 will work.
Aquaphor. Walmart
Use a lotion that has colloidal oatmeal like Aveeno. She may also be bathing too frequently. Cetaphil is very gentle on elderly skin. It's not soap so not drying.
Cera'Ve is wonderful and comes in both a lotion or a cream.
Many of us love the bath or shower to be super hot, but unfortunately that can also be very drying on the skin.

I know my hands become super dry in colder weather, I tried just about everything, my hands felt like I had a dozen paper cuts, I looked like I was attacked by my cats :P.... then I found O'Keefe's Working Hands Hand Cream... it's mainly advertised to men but I tried it and so far so good :) It can be found in grocery stores and at hardware stores.
I really like an Aveeno product. It comes in a tub, not a squirt bottle. Called Skin Relief Moisturizing Cream. It is mentholated so especially enjoy it after working in the garden or anything where I use my hands for hard work. Just so relieving to put it on.
Try natural, organic coconut oil. Use while skin is damp after showering. No unwanted chemicals and many healthy benefits, AND you can eat it. What better to put on your skin than something you can eat too! Enjoy. Make sure no allergies exist by testing a small area.
Jojoba oil is great for the face and I love Cetaphil as well. Also Vaseline is great for the feet.

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