What is the best way to get 65 year old stepson to move out of Dad's home?


My dad is 92 and does not need this grief. He is taking advantage of situation. He has lost his job, don't believe he has filed for social sec. I feel he has a mental problem. You cannot speak or reason with him, he turns away and mumbles. He is always angry. My mom was the one who always took care of him, cooked, cleaned, laundry, etc. she died in 2008. I know this is not a good situation and can escalate. My dad said they got in an argument yesterday and my brother was saying hiel hitler. He has lived at home his whole life, except for 1 year rent free. What is the best way to approach this?

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I would first make sure that if the step son has a mental problem you find out what is wrong with him and soon! If hes just never been independent and has been taught to depend on his parents too much (not his fault if mum did it all,silly mother) and there is no threat to your dad of any abuse then i dont think theres much you can do legally BUT i would still make a call to aps if you think hes taking advantage of your dad in anyway? i mean does he help dad with chores? shopping? cooking? How does your dad feel? does he want him out?
Its a hard situation when you worry about your dad but if your dad wants him there what can you do except keep a close eye on things!
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I don't know if you can legally do if he has pretty much lived there his entire life. This is not a new living arrangement. The step son also considers it his home. It is a very touchy situation. I might look around for assisted living options and consider selling the house. It may be the easiest way to loosen the bonds with the step son. It may also encourage the step son to apply for SS so he can get on with his own life. If you think he might become violent, you'll want to get your father to safety before you make the plot known. I feel bad for all involved, but if a situation isn't working, you have to find a way out of it.
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Are you sure that their occasional arguments are bad enough to leave your 92-year-old dad living alone? Taking advantage of the situation? That's the only life he's known. Frankly, kicking him out now when he's jobless? I wouldn't want to be the one to serve an eviction notice. I don't think you've thought this through,

Their relationship is what it is and has probably always been. It's better for dad, at age 92, to live with someone than alone, don't you think? I mean honestly?

Have a talk with your DAD and see if dad wants him gone. I think you'll find he likes to complain about him but likes to have him around.

Nonetheless, to directly answer your question: Dad (with you there) tells his stepson he has sixty days to find someplace else to live. If he doesn't move, Dad starts eviction proceedings through an attorney.

Be prepared for fireworks. I think this has the potential to become volatile.
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