My 74 year old aunt and her mentally challenged 30 year old daughter are being evicted from their apartment. Are there resources for locating housing for each of them. I believe my aunt needs medical care on a daily basis and her daughter needs daily supervision.

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They may not be able to evict a disabled person. Call your housing authority and see how they can help. You may be able to appeal. Is the disabled person on any programs thru County or State disabilities? Do they work for the ARC or any kind a work shelter for the disabled. Inform them what is going on, they maybe able to help or find help. Go to daycare? Same thing, inform the Social worker. If on HUD assistance call them and tell them what is going on.

HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development. Those receiving a housing voucher thru HUD pay a % of the cost of the residence depending on your income. If it's HUD housing it may be you pay 30 % of your income to live there. Starting my journey with this for nephew. He was excepted into a State program so praying I can get him settled somewhere.
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Beverly, not to pry, but merely to get more information. Why are they being evicted? Is it from a private complex, or any kind of subsidized housing?

I'm not very knowledgeable on subsidized housing, but that might an option. Section 8 housing was HUD housing, as I understand, but I'm not at all knowledgeable on details of it.

I'm guessing that there isn't much money available. Are they getting Medicaid or other form of assistance, either federally or locally? If so, there might be a social worker who can offer suggestions.

If your aunt needs daily medical care, she might need some type of long term care, for which Medicaid may be in the picture. I really don't know anything about care for her daughter and her specific needs, but perhaps bumping this thread up will make it available for others to see and respond.

You might want to contact United Way helpline, 211, to ask what help might be available.

I hope others with more knowledge will see your post and respond. I'm just not that familiar with what your options might be.
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