Help! Looking for recommendations for mobile apps that help Alzheimer's and dementia patients and their caregivers.

Which apps do you use and like that help you? What do you like about them?

Chad, most Alzheimer's/dementia patients cannot use a cellphone, much less use an app. Many of us have a heck of a time trying to remind our love ones how to use the TV remote, and even that can be a lost cause.

As for caregivers using apps, I don't know. For myself, I found the Aging Care website is a store house of information, and everyone can ask questions and get answers. Plus I have a large screen that I can read B-)

And if a caregiver is in the thick of caregiving, they wouldn't have time to even look at their cellphone.... especially now with all the SPAM robo calls coming through which is totally out of control !!
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I fail to understand how an app could possibly help. Other than when to dispense medications. Maybe with bathing or reminders of appointments. But when to change clothing or bedding, getting someone to eat (not when to eat). Time to sleep, time to wake up, go to the bathroom, do the laundry, contending with changing personalities, communicating with some one that does not listen or understand.
You seem like some kind of research outfit that nows nothing about the disease discussed here.
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