Thresholds are my stumble/fall traps. All are different level heights.

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Many Senior centers have a list of handymen. Your Church might also have a list.
Some of the "Big Box" hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards have desks that contractors leave cards at that you could contact. The store does not employ them and would probably not give you a recommendation one over the other.
The other place you might want to contact is your local Village Hall. Ask at the Building Department or Code Enforcement if they would advise you to NOT hire one or more of the people that you have found at the Big Box store if you pick up business cards there.
If a person living in the house is a Veteran that needs help the VA might have some ideas there are some grants that you can apply for.
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Call what would be your office of aging. Ask if they have this kind of info. Try your county disabilities Dept. If you have a Church, ask if there is a member who can help you.
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I have to admit that I do not understand what you posted about thresholds. Can you please give more detail?

Since you asked about charities, I am assuming that you are budget constrained. And need free services. That's fine. Totally understand.

And, I have to assume that you do not know how to, or do not have the time to, do extensive internet research about making a residence safer for an elderly person; so that you know what you need. That's also fine.

No judgment. You have asked a good question on a good website. I hope that you get many good responses.

A few tips: Not about charities because I can't offer help about that.

Get rid of any area rugs that someone can trip over.

Take photos of bathrooms and vanity areas and bring them to your local medical supply stores.....go to all of advice and prices. They will help you purchase the right grab bars and most likely help you find someone to install them. Or, if you have the time, take notes about their recommendations and then buy what you need at Walmart or on Amazon (yes, they have it all) and then, yes, you have to find someone to install the stuff.

Go to Home Depot or Lowes or someplace similar and ask about little sticky lights that you can put on the stairs (if there are stairs).

Get nightlights that plug into the normal wall outlets and put them in every bathroom and in every hallway/foyer and in the kitchen.

Please post again and ask any more question you have. Making a home elderly safe is not hard. It's the money involved and the installation costs that freaks people out.

You can overcome that.
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Lymie61 May 2019
Egress, ingress I think is referring to work on the ground or incline of the ground/foundation area getting in and out of the house.
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Check with the council on going in your area. Also call catholic charities.

Where my my parents lived there was a group called “seniors helping seniors”, Large volunteer group. They built a handicap ramp for my dad when he had hip replacement.
I found them by calling the local catholic charities.
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