The porch was about 46-48 degrees. The eye drops were sealed up in their original cardboard boxes, inside the sealed up cardboard shipping box. It might have been helpful that the other items in the shipment were 3 boxes of Poise pads (lots of cloth paper plastic cardboard might have helped keep the inside warmer) and the air filled plastic on top of everything that they often put in shipping boxes. Are these drops safe to use?

I would say yes because thats pretty much the temperature of a frig. What I would worry about was if they got hot. Calling ur Pharmacist sound like a good suggestion.
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My mom kept her eye drops in the fridge.. her Dr told her too, so hopefully you will be fine,
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I honestly don’t know the answer. I would call a pharmacist with this question to get accurate information.

Hope that your eye drops are fine to use.

Share the information with the forum if you decide to call the pharmacy.

You could also look to see if there is a phone number on the packaging and ask the company directly.
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