Treatment by my g/daughter and my daughter is unbearable...according to them I'm always wrong...harsh words, humiliation and hurtful attitude is hurtful...want to talk with someone who can help.

This is your second post. Have you called APS in your county? If not, do it tomorrow. I posted the info for your county.

U have nothing on ur profile. Do u live with daughter and granddaughter or do they live with you. How old are u, daughter and granddaughter.
If its your home, you can evict them. If their home, there r ways you can leave. But you need to call Adult Protection Services.

I had a friend who never thinks its her fault. Many a time I have felt like telling her she needs to look at her part in the problem. But really, no matter who is the problem, you need to get away.
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Do you have a Mediation service in your community? That may help you. They are professionals in mediating disputes. Or do you just want counselling for yourself? Mediation may be a good way to talk out all the issues in a structured environment and make things better for the future
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