My mother-in-law is somewhere between early to mid-stage Alzheimers; my father-in-law is still able to care for her. My husband's brother came across the Memory Healer eBook/program by Alexander Lynch and Dr. Ron Goldman and wants to buy it. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about it... some websites stating it's a scam, others stating it's not a scam and doesn't cost much. I also have searched the men's names, but do not come up with anything substantial to help. There is a bit of information on the UK ALZ website forum, but it's mixed. I know it's not an FDA-approved treatment, but if it works that would be great! However, if it is so great, all of us would know about it. Your thoughts?

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Haven't bought it. Googled Dr. Ron Goldman and found a review here:

I have FTD/LBD and realize and accept my brain is slowly dying (as we all are, some just faster than others). Nothing is going to change that. I'll also be the first to admit I am not a naturalist, but I am holistic. That said, I learned many years ago that using the Dr. title does not make you an MD and that universities sponsor untold numbers of studies annually, many of which can be statistically proven irrelevant.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if someone has memory problems, that doesn't mean they have dementia (there's lots of other stuff that goes with that), and in all cases the buyer should beware. I wouldn't buy it, but that doesn't mean you or someone else shouldn't.

Keep in mind: there is life after diagnosis; enjoy it and build as many memories as you can.
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