started a cry cough 2 or 3 days ago.For no reason.It seems to be getting worse .
Could it be the beginning of what is known as the death rattles

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I'd like to chime in with something I learned from my parents' coughs. They don't have dementia, but they did have coughs.

My mom had a long standing cough that didn't seem to be from a cold and she wasn't sick. She was checked out and her doctor said it was caused by Acid Reflux or GERD. He prescribed meds to treat the Acid reflux and her cough went away. I was shocked, but if you look at the symptoms online, coughing is one of them. It's work checking out and see if the treatment will work.

Also, my dad had a consistent cough. He has sinus issues too. We switched his detergent to a FRAGRANCE FREE type and his coughing has drastically reduced.( Coughing can signal an allergy.) I mean, it's a huge improvement. He's about 95% better. I would try and see if it helps.

Sometimes, it's a process of elimination to figure it out.
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It seems that my father who has sever dementia" has developed the same type of cough " I have taken him to the emergency dept several times and their is no infection or cold ' flu symptoms just a terrible dry cough , so i would think that it does have something to do with the condition . If you find any solutions please reach out to me
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Is she on Hospice? I would report the cough to the hospice nurse. Otherwise, who provides your mom's healthcare? Someone should listen to her lungs.
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