My brother wears either pullups or tab-style "diapers" at night but they do not always contain the feces. He is very thin and Depends do not work for him as the leg holes are too big so I've tried various online products. He wears pajamas and sometimes, even though he was wearing disposable underwear, there is so much feces on the pjs that the caregivers just throw them away and I don't blame them. I can't imagine that anyone has a solution to the pajama issue so I'm probably just venting but if you do, please speak up! For now, I just order the cheapest pjs from Walmart and consider them sorta disposable. Open to suggestions for this laundry issue!

This is going to sound odd but..have you tried a brief (aka "diaper") marketed for Women?
The leg openings might be a bit smaller.
For my Husband I also put a "boxer brief" over the tab brief or over the pull- up brief.
Typically "double layering" the brief will not work well to absorb excess fluid or fecal matter as each brief has a liner that will hinder fluid from being absorbed by the next layer. There are inserts or inner pads that are designed to line a tab or pull-up brief. These will absorb first then the brief will absorb the remaining.
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I would aim to contain with depends or pull-ups that fit firmly. Maybe those disposable net pants over to hold in place. Plus a protective absorbent half sheet on the bed.

If he doesn't get too cold on his legs, a long nightshirt could work? Skip the pants. Shirt might runch up, twist & be uncomfortable, still get soiled..?

What about cheap boxer shorts? Be more dignified than no pants, should be easy enough to wash. Baby clothes get soiled all the time. Just rinse & fling them into a bucket of napisan or similar to soak, then wash.

I would suggest no pants or dispose of pants if C Diff though.
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Have you tried using a Depends over the tabbed briefs? Or disposable rubber pants?
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