I am a stand-by caregiver. I work full-time from home.

I recently was helping my mom since November after her fall.

My parents are in their late 70's. Both still active and work (part-time) but someday that will change.

I know CPR and first aid and do a lot of the house care and cleaning now. I have medical binders for both my parent's (doctor visits, injury, ect).

Nobody has a crystal ball but you are doing some good things. As cwillie, says -get the proper documents in place.

The other thing I would suggest is sit down with your parents and make a plan for the days, months and years ahead, considering various scenarios. Eventually you may not be able to care for both of them and still work from home. Ask them what their plans are if one or both should become incapacitated as from a stroke. What kind of care can they afford? In time they will decline - we all do. In time, you could become overwhelmed.

Do you live with them, or to you come in to help? It makes a difference for the time when they cannot be left alone.
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There are lots of wonderful articles on this web site, you might want to start with asking your parents to begin thinking about POAs
Medical POAs
and Advance Directives
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