My mom has the beginning stages of dementia. She used to love crossword puzzles, but her mind can’t even comprehend these anymore. She can’t even follow more than one direction at a time. For instance, “put your bowl in the kitchen sink and turn out the light in your room”, she would not be able to complete before asking me again what I asked her to do.

She also likes playing solitaire, but I’ve never actually watched her play, so I’m not sure if she does this right or not.

I want her to focus more on tasks and thinking. Are there any games or tasks available that would help her do this?

Currently, she lives with me and her focus is disjointed during the day. Even when watching TV, I’m sure she doesn’t understand half of what she’s watching. I will ask her questions about various things, and she comes up with off the wall answers.

Anyone else have experience with this?

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I have a piano game on my iPad called Piano with Songs that Mom would play. You press the key when it changes color to red. You don’t need to know how to play the piano, although she did. Now that she’s lost her vision I hold her finger and help her to play and we sing along. She still likes it.
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My dad liked to play a card game called 'war.' I had to constantly remind him how to play, but he liked it. He wanted to play Euchre, but there was no way he could handle it, so I told him none of the other residents in his facility were able to play.
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If it is entertaining to her, who cares if she cheats? ;-)
My mom would put pony beads on pipe cleaners, fold washclothes and hand towels, dust with a Swiffer...
I don't think a Leap Frog would work... Learning new things is tough for PWD.
As for TV, my mom liked game shows like Family Fund and Wheel of Fortune. She also liked to watch old musicals like Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers...
Funniest thing is that my mom went through a phase where she loved doing Chinese Karaoke with my husband... My mom is not Chinese and doesn't understand or speak Chinese... LOL was so cute. Maybe she liked it because she knew she wasn't supposed to understand it so no pressure.
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Yep, DW used to play solitaire and I caught her cheating. She quit playing several months ago. She used to watch the Armenian news everyday. She is Filipino. That news station is now defunct. She watches TV a lot and doesn't seem to understand much of what is on.
It seems if it in animated she will watch it.
DW is also losing her ability to speak English.
Our therapist recommended a child's game called leap frog. I wasn't sold on that game and none of the others. You might do search and see what you can find. there are many listed.
DW will ask for something in an incomplete sentence and cannot complete the sentence when I ask.
Best of luck to you.
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