Mom with Alzheimer's wants a far as I know, she's never had one before, yes, no? -

Mom with Alzheimer's wants a far as I know, she's never had one before, yes, no?


So most of you know our background. Mom has moderate to severe Alzheimer's & Dementia and lives five minutes down the road at a great Memory Care Home. She is currently about week four into a calm & content stage following several months of rage and unhappiness. She can't remember that she worked out at the gym earlier today, but for the second time, she's remembered to ask me about going to get her nails done.

As far as I know, she has never gotten a manicure before...

So should I take her? I'm not really sure how she would enjoy the "sensations" etc. being touched, files, warm water, clipped cuticles etc.

Not really a critical issue, but I thought you guys would have some good ideas. Thanks!



My MILs MC gives the ladies "manicures" sometimes as an activity. If you are worried about how she will react,, can you give her one? I did my MILs while she was in rehab. A nice file, lotion, some pretty light polish.. a soak id she will do it. This way you can stop if she gets nervous. My MIL loves it. I always take hand lotion when I visit, and give her a good rubdown.. she loves the touching.
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A lot of facilities have people who come in to do manicures for their residents. Have you checked to see if her’s does? If you do take her, call the salon/spa and book a time when it’s not crowded just in case.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions! To answer your question Sunnygirl, Mom goes to the gym and does weights with a trainer 3 times a week, and she goes out and "plays" cribbage once a week at the Senior Center. Her disease is progressing, showing up in ways like added trouble finding words, not being able to answer direct, simple questions, and reluctance to wash her hair. At least twice a week she calls me and wants to know why nobody has taken her to work out lately, in fact, she did it this evening and I reminded her that she went earlier today....LOL....good news is she laughed about it instead of screaming at me and calling me a liar.

I'll take all the good days and soak them up! I'm trying as best I can to prepare for when she forgets more and more, but honestly, I don't even know how. One day at a time!
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If she is mobile you could schedule one for both of you and lunch or ice cream after. I have a very difficult dad but, I still try to find ways to make new better memories.
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Since she likely isn't allowed the tools to do her own nails at the memory care she must be allowing somebody to take care of them there, and if they are anything like the staff at my mom's nursing home they probably do a poor job. Talk to the manicurist and ask to keep it simple, you can always leave if mom doesn't like it.

(edit) another thought - At our nursing home they have manicure days, could your mom be talking about something like that where she lives?
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I take my dad for manis and he loves it. His facility has someone come in and do them as a weekly event, but it's a fun thing to do together and it gets him out and about. We've gone to a few salons and I was worried at first that they might hurt him, sensations, etc. but it has been fine. I just make it a point to keep asking him for feedback - does it feel good, etc? - and then make sure the manicurist understands. Next time I may try to find a salon that does neck/shoulder massage and give that a try.
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I have just been inspired by your suggestions, there's actually a spa affiliated with our gym, next time I take her to her training session, I'll pop in to the spa and see what they offer.
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Did she leave the MC to go to a gym or is it on the MC campus? I ask, because, even though my LO seemed fine at her AL, when we returned after a trip out, she forgot where we were. She was confused and scared and didn't want to get out of the car and return to the AL (This was before she went to MC.) It was hard to get her to go inside and once there, I had to reintroduce her to the place and residents. It scared her and me. Later, she did the same thing at the MC. So, I'd just be prepared for her to forget where she is when you return her from the manicure. It sounds like a great idea though. I bet she would enjoy it.
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Oh, I see. So, she seems able to orient herself pretty well. She might enjoy a nice manicure. Sounds fun. Maybe, some sparkling apple cider to really make it special. For those who don't drink. I know alcohol is tricky with seniors, so that's why I suggest sparkling cider.
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When my wife was in rehab last year i got her a manicure and she seemed to like it. Of course she was not the most co-operative customer. And with her aphasia communication was not always the greatest.
The rehab had a manicurist that visited on certain days. This was not covered by medicare. They also had a podiatrist visit by appointment for the feet and toenails. He even gave her a flower and medicare got the bill.
The case worker told me about this little perk and we both felt good about it. Now I take her in for one about every month or so.
Now I need to find a good hair dresser, not a fad stylist.
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