It breaks my heart to hear her loneliness. TV is not enough. She does not want senior center or facilities. She lives with me full-time. What other activities can you think of that would be distracting. I tried Scrabble - not interested, not really able to focus enough. I tried computing - she likes to read the large print so this is good for 1/2 hour.

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My mom has one of those robot kitties that she just adores. So that can eat up some time. Then she loves looking at pictures. I've got albums that she looks at, plus plain Ole picture books that have one picture per page. She will while away an hour or so just turning pages and studying the pics. More if I talk with her about the pics.

She loves stacking and sorting, so I have bins of buttons that are different shapes and sizes. She will spend a considerable amount of time stacking checkers. She plays with the scrabble tiles, making names she knows.

Lots of markers and crayons that she will play with for short periods of time.

I found a twisty toy on that she loves and she will fiddle with that for a time. She also likes twisting a rubix cube believe it or not.

And of course the puzzles although those are starting to become too hard, so I do the outside and she does the last few pieces. And we talk about the picture.
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jigsaw puzzles?--the come in lots of sizes and degrees of difficultly? Large Print Cross Words? Perhaps you could suggest that for fun you try finger painting together--let her know that it's a strange things for adults to do, but you'd love to do it again. You might have a good laugh together over it. Could you scan old photos together and have her tell you how to arrange them into albums, (I really shouldn't assume she has no computing skills, she might do that herself.)
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