My mom had a stroke last year which left her with left side neglect and vascular dementia. This causes her to have no insight or even realize that she is a very high fall risk. The main issue is through the night she does not remember that she should not be getting up on her own and forgets or doesn't realize she should be calling to me to help get her up for bathrom runs. I have tried pillows and then putting a chair beside her bed to keep her in or at least trying to get out of bed. I have tried alarm that the use in hospital but she will either take it off or it will go off cause she moves in bed then that wakes her up.

Oh I have a small bed rail but that does not help. We have resorted to watching her on monitor but someone has to watch it in cause she tries to get up and I'm worry she will fall. any suggestions? thank you

You could try an alarm floor mat beside the bed so you know when her feet hit the floor, or a motion sensor alarm.
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Lynn876 May 27, 2019
thanks that is something i never thought about😊
Many people here have suggested putting the mattress on the floor. It won’t stop her from trying to get up but will minimize the falls. When she realizes that actually getting off the mattress and then trying to stand up is very difficult, she may give up and just stay in bed. If you do that, you may want to invest in a Hoyer lift to help get her up. Make sure she’s wearing incontinence briefs. Also, make sure she’s not taking too many naps during the day or drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages during the afternoon. Keep bedtime rituals the same every night so she realizes it’s time to go to bed and stay there.
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Lynn876 May 27, 2019
thanks good idea. thank you. 😊

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