2 Hours ago my grandmother saw a little lizard and freaked out, she has hit her head on the floor after falling, before that she told my dad to clean the car and his friend to get a carpet from the 2nd floor, when she wakes up she forgot about telling my dad to clean the car or his friend getting the carpet.

She has a swollen cheek because of the fall, when told to go to the hospital she refuses but my father insisted. While still in the house, she keeps asking "Where are we going?" over and over. I didn't go with her because my dad told me to watch the house, and they haven't come back yet. Please understand my situation.

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thanks for the help. i just got news from my dad that my nana is remembering things slowly. Once again thank you for comforting me in this time.
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She may have a concussion and that will cause this problem.
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rigeLia, I see from your profile that your Grandmother is only 76 years old. Smart thinking on your Dad's part for quickly taking his Mother to the ER.

Depending on your area, some ER's can be extremely busy, depending on the day, the time, the weather, and even if there is a full moon [more accidents, and births, during a full moon], so it could almost a full day, especially since your Grandmother had hit her head on a fall.

With us older folks [I am also in my 70's], the ER likes to check for anything and everything. There will be x-ray scans of Grandmother's head.... blood work which can take over an hour for results, more if the ER is busy. Hospitals calling in their specialist. Even a heart workup with EEG. Plus testing for blood sugar levels. It's a pretty complex physical.

When when my Dad, who was in his late 80's, who had fallen and broken his nose, the hospital had him stay overnight just to be sure everything was ok.

So getting a bed for overnight stay in a busy hospital can take time, a couple of hours or more.

Hopefully by now, more than a half a day later, you have heard something. Let us know what is happening.
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You must be very worried about your grandmother, but the good news is that your father sounds like a sensible and caring man and he will have this situation under control.

Hospital visits can seem to take forever! And it may be, as well, that your father can't use his cellphone in the ER and/or is too busy looking after your grandmother to keep you in touch with what's happening.

So the best thing to do is do as he asked, make sure the house is okay, and then try to read a book or watch a movie until they come home. How old are you?
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