My mom was recently diagnosed with Dementia due to Alzheimer's . She is on 10mg of Aricept that she tolerates well. The Neurologist made it clear that she has the disease and all the scans,MRI's and cognitive testing confirms. Her PCP gave her the new Montreal Cognitive test and she scored in the "severe" range. Ok,here's the question....most days she is as normal as can be. Remembers things from yesterday,last week,etc. Next day...confusion,repeating things,making up stories and can't remember what she ate last night. Things that I give her or places that I take her become,"I've never had that before or been here before"
What the heck is going on!!! I the one with Dementia? I feel like I'm in a bad dream some days and will wake up and none of this ever happened!! Any advice?

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You'll never make any sence of it or predict dementia. Captain is right, just agree, go with the flow, don't correct and point out mistakes, divert attention and when needed fib a little bit.
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Get used to it. You are on the same roller coaster that lots of us are on. Stay in touch with too.
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i have advice . read the stories of other dementia carers here and learn all you can about dementia online .
im still active in my 91 yr old aunts life and heres how i operate ; . if aunt edna says " look at that tyrannusaurus on the bird feeder " id smile , look that direction and tell her its pretty cool . it isnt patronizing or flim - flammery , its more like im going to walk with her and yield to her reality . of course her reality is distorted . her brain is not working properly . on her cloud shes the captain and im just a hitch hiker . if she thinks shes crazier than me -- THAT i might argue with , but nothing else ..
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