I took my husband to see a neurologist. The neurologist said he has advanced past the moderate stage. Which I had figured from what I have read. However is it possible for the mind to act normal? He seems to be back when we first got married 6 years ago. I truly wish he didn’t have dementia/ Alzheimer’s.

I wish, too, that your husband didn't have Alzheimer's. I'm sorry for his diagnosis, but those living with the disease can never go back to “normal”. Recalling his life of 6 years ago may seem like a return to normalcy, but it merely means the disease hasn't affected that part of his brain that retains long term memory. If he could tell you what he had for dinner last night, or how to operate the TV remote, for example, could indicate an earlier stage of AD. AD is a slowly progressing disease and doesn't follow a linear path along it's advancement. There may be times of recollection, times when he can remember what he had for lunch, but those will be fleeting. They are not an indication of his getting better. I wish they were.

One of the best things you can do is to read up on AD and learn how it affects your husband and yourself and what to expect (to some degree). “The 36 Hour Day” and “Surviving Alzheimer's” are two great primer books for caregivers. YouTube videos can help, search for “alzheimer's”.
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My mother had dementia for four years before anyone really knew it. She and my dad were good at hiding it, so until it gets pretty bad it's not too hard to seem fairly normal.
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I really don’t know. My mom developed dementia towards the end of her life. I never saw her behave unusually abnormal.

She did have some unusual behavior every now and then but she was mostly like your husband who behaved like she always had.

There are many people on the forum with lots of experience with dementia. They are better equipped to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Wishing you and your husband all the best.
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