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Sapphire9583: A lot of my answer would depend on whether you're traveling alone or with your spouse. If you're both traveling, your spouse's Alzheimer's may make it somewhat difficult, depending on how far his disease has progressed.
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several questions I have for you first.
Is this a get away for you alone or both.
To truly relax I would strongly suggest Respite care. Most facilities will do Respite one of the reasons is they hope that you will select that place if/when you decide to place him.
If this is a vacation for both of you I have to ask is it safe to travel with him? The chance of wandering, wanting to leave and go home, a further decline with extra confusion.
If your spouse is on Hospice Respite is covered by Medicare.
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After about 3 years of not going any place, my hubby's caregiver told me about respite care. I have him scheduled for a week so I can get away.
I explained that its a hotel where people will take care of him while I'm gone. All he really is worried about is if my friend will bring our dog to see him.
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Do you plan on traveling with your husband? It really depends if you want to take him with you or not. Do you have a close family member or friend that can travel with both of you and help out? How advanced is his Alzheimer's? I traveled a great deal with my mom for over twenty years but I had two family members helping out as well as a close cousin. We all traveled well together and everyone pitched in to help.
Unfamilar surroundings could cause a great deal of stress for your husband. I would never travel alone with him. I certainly understand you need a well deserved break, but perhaps Respite care is a better choice if you do not have any help.
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I would go alone and find Respite care for the spouse. Some ALs will do this and Nursing facilities. Then you can enjoy your get away.
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It depends on how advanced the Alzheimer's has gotten.
Is your husband incontinent?
Is he still mobile?
Does he get aggressive?
I'm sure you're asking yourself all of these questions.
If your husband isn't too bad off yet, traveling with him should be okay. Make sure you have another person or caregiver traveling wit you though. Don't try to take someone with Alzheimer's/Dementia too far from home on your own because you will need support and help.
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Are you wanting to travel with your spouse or without them? What would your travel plans involve? where is your spouse on their AD path--are they at risk for wandering, are they incontinent, would putting them in an unfamiliar envioronment actually end up being disorienting to them?
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