She has no family and I took her in to try to help her. BBBIIIGGG mistake.

I have had social workers, and visited facilities for her care. She has enough money for about 5 months in dementia care facility. When the funds run out the facility will ask her to be moved. I have a poa for medical and banking but I really don't want to be involved anymore. She begs to come back here with me then does all the things dementia pts. do. She says I am lying to her, stealing her money (she writes and signs all the checks). I feel a real human soul obligation but with every 10 minutes asking what day it is, what is her balance, where are her checks, it just never ends there is no short term memory. She is back here with me and the EC attorney will not help because she is so far gone. Everyone involved with her want me to take guardianship and I absolutely refuse. IN May she took 30 morphine fast release pills and wrote a suicide note. The ER conned me into taking her home because she has a DNR. Lesson learned- not taking her back here once she hits the ER again. Guess I'm the fool that shows no good turn goes unpunished

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You're not a fool. Your heart is in the right place. You were pushed into doing more than you should be doing.

Arrange for her to be moved into a facility that takes medicaid ASAP. As someone else said, once she's in a SNF, resign as POA and get back to your old life.

She doesn't have to like it. No one has to agree. You need to take care of YOU first.
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This is what I did for my Mom when Mom was down to her last 20k in 2017.

April I applied for Medicaid
May 1st I placed Mom in a nice SNF
She paid privately for May and June spending down her money
June I checked with her caseworker that he had all the info needed
July 1st Medicaid started.

I would not put in in a MC only to pull her out in 5 months. Go straight to a NH/SNF/LTC. By paying privately you get her in the door. In my State Medicaid is applied for 90days before needed.

Once she is in LTC all her needs will be met. Some of her SS, my state $50 a month, goes into her Personal Needs Acct. The NH supplies toiletries and depends. Donated clothing is used for those residents that don't have families. Once you get her settled in, you can have your POA revoked and inform the NH so they can have a guardian set up for her.

If she ends up in rehab, refuse to take her home. Good time to have her placed in SN. Where I live they are in the same building so easy transfer. Again, u can have ur POA revoked and let the State take over.

Just read your post from February. If she had a lawyer as her POA, how did you become one?
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I’m sorry that things have ended up this way.

If things go awry, call 911. Maybe even before that.

The hospital’s social worker can get her placed.

Please take care of YOU.
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