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Is this in your home or your father’s? As Grandma says, he may have fears someone is stealing from him. My mother would hide her wallet because she feared a man who lived in her apartment building was stalking her. Then she’d forget she hid it and call the police. Being stolen from is a big fear of the elderly and it’s worse when they have dementia. And, if it is his home, he may not want anyone there who doesn’t live there. Make a point of asking his permission before you invite people over. If you have people over often, you may need to put your social life on hold.
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Are the temper issues about the visitors? Or does he have them at other times, and it is embarrassing when it happens with visitors? Do you suspect that he wants all of your attention and is playing games to put you off having visitors? If you can work out what you think is going on, you can get more ideas about how to handle it.
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Not a whole lot of info to go by but..
If your Dad has dementia having visitors can be upsetting. It is a change of routine.
He may be afraid someone will ask him a question he does not know how to respond to and he would be embarrassed.
He may be afraid that these people are there to steal from him.
He may not know these people. (Even if he does he may have forgotten them)
You can do a few things to help
Limit visits.
Have the visits take place when he is at his best. For some people this is morning, others mid day.
Tell your dad that you are having company. Tell him who is visiting, how he knows them.
If he still does not want company if your dad takes a nap during the day have visits then. If he does not take naps but can be left alone have dad sit in the family room and watch TV and you can have visitors in the kitchen.
If this is an anxiety problem and this is very disruptive to you and your dad next time you take him to the doctor discuss medication for anxiety. But keep in mind it may take a while to work and you may have to try several medications before you find one that works.
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