I do belong to a suppport group and the book I have read 5 times. Each time I get someting out of it. I had been taking care of mom for many years. She had been many hospitals from falls and nursing homes in New York. I brought mom to Fl after I had to leave my job in 2005. She came to Fl in 2007, Was with me only four days. I was not informed how bad the illness was. yes I was the one who notice the chages. I had to call the Fl fire dept, and they were at my house in minutes. They took her vitals and told me she was over medicated and her condtion was bad. It took four strong men to hold her done while I gave her dibatectic medicine and Alzheimers. All she did was fight with me. She is now in a assisitng living.Of which I did not want to do. but we did check out several places before I brought mom to Fl if I could not take care of her and also for maybe day care. It is hard work, especially one certain people like her neighbors from up north or other family members decline when you tell them what is wrong with mom. They had therre hands out when I had to sell her house but all the money went for her care over the years. Yes I get upset when I visit but I understand the illness. It does do a toll on the caregiver and their own family. bless you all out there the true care givers. I do understand beleive me.

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