I'm not sure if in her confused state if she gave things away or were taken. I Moved here from Calif. to help Brother to care for her. From OHIO. I don't want or need housekeeping or grocery shopping. I can do that for us! I don't want these people from state to call her, come on this property. It just upsets her over again because she feels these people are her friends.She keeps on and on. I've explained to her how much we love her and are trying to help her. I've explained to her, there are changes we have to make for her safety. I'm 69, Brother 63. We have issues with our health that stress complicates.I've told her if she can't help us we will get sick and have to put her in a facility She goes behind our back, lies, manipulates. shes trying to find owner for because she's jealous of her not attacking me and attacking her. Do you have suggestions how to deal with these situations better. Thanks SueGirl

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Sorry, we share damencia. Lol. Sara Lee (cat). I wanted to give her away. I thought it would be better for Mothers health.She had Flu, then pneumonia. The cat attacks her also, wanting to play. Mom jumps and yells, which Sara likes. I talk to my animals all the time. Sara never hurts me, and Mom is jealous, wants to give her away. Doesn't want her cat. She doesn't want to move to Calif. And after this visit, from a year ago, she's changed so much. Sadly. This is really hard. She's a constant distraction, I can't get a thing done. I have to measure every word that I say (loudly) she's loosing her hearing. I'm hoping this is the first week, that she will relax, and we can enjoy our time together.

Suegirl, back in June you wrote "She has a Nurse that really likes her, that checks on her,a housekeeper, that does her shopping. A neighbor on each side that help her. A device that hangs around her neck to call for help. She uses bad judgement at times."

In a more recent posting you had mentioned that your Mom has been hoarding for the past 10 years.... is it possible that the local authorities are checking on your Mom's housing condition? I recall your brother lives near your Mom and has been helping her out, plus taking care of the cat [Sara Lee] while your Mom was in the hospital with pneumonia.

Honestly, I feel it is time for your Mom to be in a continuing care facility for her own safety and well-being. I know, easier said then done. I recall you were going to move your Mom to California to be closer to you. Did she not want to go?

Once a senior has been identified as at-risk, social services will continue to visit. Denying them entry is a good way to land in front of a Judge.
The second last sentence you wrote makes no sense at all. Can you repost?

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