I have brought my dad to live with me for the past year, I have learned so much in the past year and now he is in the hospital, due to him falling 2 weeks ago and he broke his leg. The only rehab he had is in the hospital since no physical therapy facility would accept him due to the fact that he is a convicted felon, and medicare would have provided this service for him. He is being release this wed and is not ready to resume taking proper care of himself, even though I will have some help, which is better than none, and with my working a part time job that I took cuz I had to leave my 30 yr career to accommodate him, I am unsure that he will be okay while I work, which I work the graveyard shift. There are no support groups in my area and really not sure where to turn at this point in time

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Beaverdam, please note whenever an elder breaks a bone, it takes a lot longer for the bone to heal then that of a much younger person, so your Dad will need more than just 2 weeks.... and only if x-rays show that the bone has completely healed that physical therapy can take place. I know, been there, done that, have the t-shirt when I fell and broke a bone.

As for the felon issue, I am complex how did this even come up in the conversation.  Plus there are old felon issues [depending on local government] that are mundane, such as placing a For Sale sign on the street corner which is no harm to society.  I assume your Dad completed his sentence, right?

Even prisoners being held for Court proceedings and those already sentenced are allowed the health care they need. The State/County/City police department stand guard whenever a prisoner is in the hospital, along with hospital security.

What are your fathers health issues other than the broken leg? Is he eligible for Medicaid? Perhaps I'm naive but how does him being a felon come up? it's a pretty standard answer on this site that when an elder needs more care than you can provide at home, that you refuse to take him home and they (hospital) have to place him. I understand it can be difficult and you have to stand firm with him and the social worker but what choice do you have?
I know this must be very hard. I'm sorry for your trouble. Hopefully you'll get more answers to help you sort this out.

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