Today the VA contacted me and told me that the results of the recent cat scan on my Dads head reveals hydrocephalus

Given his extreme old age. Given his heart failure (which is noticeably worsening in the last few weeks). They will not do surgery to put in a stint. That is the only treatment for this.

So, anyone know about this condition? The progress of this left untreated seem to be a good match to many of the things I have witnessed over these last two months (I don't know about before that because Mom was his caregiver and hid knowledge of his condition from everyone).

What can I expect as this progresses? The talk of brain damage brings to mind everything from dementia (which he already has) paranoia (which he already has) all the way up to violence etc.

Anyone with any knowledge to share? I've already read everything I can get my hands on...just wondering if any caregivers can give me hands on knowledge

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