So, Dad is slowly but surely getting acclimated to his new surroundings. It appears that he is repeating old habits (staying holed up in his room), but I've decided that I can no longer worry about what HE does. If he's lonely, that's on him. I'm reducing my visits (despite him being closer to me) with hopes that he mingles. If not, oh well.

I have, however, decided to keep our weekly breakfast date at the greasy spoon diner I've grown to hate. This is not an every weekend place, but he likes it, so I take him.

The stress of dealing with all of these changes and drama has exacerbated my lupus to the point where it hurts to blink most days. I visited a naturopathic doctor, and she has suggested that I go on a special diet to see if that eliminates some of the symptoms I'm experiencing. Has anyone heard of GAPS?

Anyway, I'm willing to try it instead of taking a bunch of synthetic drugs. This would mean that I won't be able to eat ANYTHING they serve at the diner for quite some time.

Any suggestions on what I can say to Dad about this? He melts down if I don't eat with him (I can't even have coffee), and I'm sure the restaurant won't let me bring in my own food. I thought about just buying something and packing it up "for later" then giving it away or something...

I dunno. What say you?

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I can vouch that diet changes/modifications/restrictions can help with some health issues.

Can you not have scrambled eggs?  Oatmeal?

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