I've been caring for my Dad (92) for 9 years. I have no one ever to help me. I need a break.


He's ambulatory but has some dementia. I would like to be able to have a few hours or even take a vacation and know that there is someone who could check in on him regularly because he can't be by himself. I don't know of any agency in the area and my Dad is a World War II vet. He is somewhat ill tempered, he can't hear well and is just difficult so not everyone would like be a companion for even a short time. But he is a danger because he leaves faucets running, the gas burners on etc.

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I am sorry I don't have any answers for you. I just wanted to tell you congratulations on being such a great child and putting your dad before yourself for so long. You have gone above and beyond and I hope you find a way to give yourself that very much deserved vacation.

How bad has his doctor said his dementia is now? I noticed that on your profile that you mention his primary ailment is heart condition and stroke. So, I gather that his dementia is vascular dementia?

Since your dad is a WWII vet, he qualifies for help form the VA. Have you looked into getting those benefits for him?

See these article form this site.




I hope these provide you the long overdue help that you have needed. Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.

After 9 years I would definitely say that you need a break!

Have you researched home healthcare agencies in your area? There are some national chains that go pretty much everywhere.

Once you find an agency you could start having someone in for just a few hours a week, see how that goes and to get your dad used to the idea. After a while and if things go well, once you're comfortable, you could start having someone come over for longer periods of time.

At some point, if you'd like to take a vacation, there are facilities that offer respite care. Do some research and find some in your area that offer this.

I'm glad you're thinking about taking a much-needed break.

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