My dad and I enjoyed watching the Rose Parade yesterday. He's always loved the horses, marching bands, and of course the whimsical floats. Perfect weather in Pasadena yesterday, apparently, that really set off all the colors and details of the parade.

There was a very striking caregiver-themed float, with knights on horseback defending a medieval castle. The designer of the float was inspired by his own care of a beloved parent, who wanted to stay in his "castle". USA Today has a good article about it:

Poignant stuff, but I have to admit that the design (which is great) immediately made me think of all the dug-in, failing elders demanding to remain in their homes that we read about here on AC!

Still, a beautiful float with a great impetus to highlight the sacrifices of caregivers behind it.

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What a great float! On that note, I will reuse an old avatar.

Beautiful float! Just looked at it online. Nice to see recognition for caregivers.

The "Pasadena Now" website stated:

"The SCAN Foundation—a Long Beach, Calif.-based nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of older adults and families—will spotlight caregivers as everyday heroes during America’s New Year Celebration at the 2020 Rose Parade.

The SCAN Foundation’s float, titled "Hope’s Heroes: Honoring Caregivers of All Generations", will recognize caregivers and inspire conversations about what people want for their own aging experience.

“Caregiving provides essential support to those who are dearest in our lives, and it also helps us think about what we want for our own aging. These are crucial conversations that don’t happen often enough,” said Bruce Chernof, MD, president and CEO of The SCAN Foundation. “The Rose Parade is an opportunity to celebrate caregivers who are heroes to millions of older adults who wish to age well in the place they call home, while shining a light on aging as part of living that affects all families.”

The float is an imaginative take on “my home is my castle,” with caregivers serving as the protectors of one’s vision of home. Eight caregivers representing all generations have been selected to ride on the float in front of a live television audience of more than 37 million people across the globe.


It was a beautiful float...but not all elderly persons can stay in their "castle" because sometimes the "knights" who "defend" the castle become overworked, overstressed and are just not able to protect the elderly person or their castle any more.

I hope that the conversation started by the float about elder care also includes those elderly who are NOT able to stay in "their castle" because of financial or health or medical reasons. The float almost romanizes caregiving and seems to state that "elderly persons can only be taken care of best in their own homes".

I rarely watch parades, but I wish I'd watched the Rose Parade this year and seen that beautifully designed float.  It's really quite stunning.

The medieval theme of protective knights is in many ways appropriate for the caregiving roles.  

I hope this float is a starter, and that future parades will see caregivers honored.   Perhaps it'll reach more people than otherwise could be possible.

Thanks for sharing!


Didn’t see it. I usually do watch the parade but missed it.

I loved that float, too. Told my mom I am one of those knights in shining armour trying to protect her castle:-)

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