Parent resisting in every way possible although agrees aging in place to be the best solution.

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GO HOME GO HOME... It is sad..



I think.k.. It seems that way... :(
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Aging in place to my mother means living alone in her own house till the day she dies with absolutely no caregivers help!!
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KEEP YOU LO's SAFE... If you cannot afford to have someone there, 24/7.. and you can't do it... look at places for Parents...

Start touring these places and 6 packs in your area... get the idea of what you want...

Look at the caretakers... smell the places.. look at the "residents".. see how they are dressed at the time you go in... Does it bother you that residents may be in PJ's in the middle of the day? Does it bother you that they are in their rooms when activities are going on? Yo do not want someone sitting in their room all day without socializing..
So talk to management, ask for a tour, take LO w/ you if you can.. Get a free lunch and tour... And talk about it.
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My fridnes's family is dealing with, just that... AGING IN PLACE....

The found a place that will allow some one to live:




So, you start in one part of the complex... live there comfortably with minimal care.

Then when your care needs to be more "involved" additional costs will be added to the rent....

ETC... your needs go up, and so does your care..... :(

I know everyone trys to keep family at home as long as possible... I certainly did.....and most everyone I know did too...

I think if perhaps, I saw the future of a couple of my relatives..I may have jumped to the later to keep them safer....

Human-kindness and wanting the best for our loved ones... NOT WANTING ANYONE TO SUFFER ....

Keeping our loved ones, loved, comfortable, safe, and knowing they are loved ...
Keep your loved ones as close to you as possible... If you can't keep them in same home, make sure you are only a couple minutes away... if possible.....

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Best solution for right now. When seniors think about "aging in place" I think they have a romanticized idea of what that means. No one imagines themselves with dementia and leaving an empty pot on the gas burner all day, or losing their driving privileges or being overwhelmed with paying bills, needing help in the bathroom and showering, etc. Also, if/when they get to that state are they expecting family to do the bulk of the ever increasing care? Does the family agree to participate to this degree? If not, are you and parents aware that eventually hiring outside help for all the needs will eventually cost more than living in a facility? And, aging in place often means being socially isolated. Please start some very gentle conversations about this with them. I had resistant LOs also, but when I laid out the facts and was patient with their processing of it all they eventually came around. Good luck!
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It depends on the individual needs of the parent. If physical disabilities are involved, many fire departments have Community Officers who will come to the home to evaluate making the home handicap accessible. There are also agencies who will send someone out. Medical supply companies might have staff who would come out. Facebook is a good place to post an “in search of” paragraph to find someone. Explain to your parent that there is a possibility, depending on the individual needs, of spending thousands of dollars to make the home safe for them. And, regular repeat evaluations will need to be done every so often. Home health care may need to be arranged which is also an additional cost. This might include light housekeeping, laundry help, running errands, etc. The parent will also need to understand that family may not always be available at their whim to come to the house to do things like yard work, minor repairs, deep cleans, etc. A grocery delivery service may have to be signed up for.

Once you start detailing all the things that will need to be done, Assisted Living or a small apartment might not seem so horrible.
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