Im new. My mom has been sick for a long time with heart disease. She also seems to have dementia, but doctor doesn't diagnose it. My sister has POA and said doctor says she has memory problems, but nothing more. I see a lot more, but maybe Im wrong.
The problem is that I m not really much of a caregiver due to my own disability. I did what I could in early years, but now, last few years, I cant do much. She calls me on the phone. and I am getting so depressed I cant listen anymore.
she was always a great lady with a lot of love and kindness. my best friend. and now that is gone. she is suffering. I know. she is in pain. I know. and she is dying. I know. I am grieving and feel lost. guilt abuot not doing what I ought to but cant do is bad. My sister is angry. I understand. Its all on her. I cook, I get cleaning done, shopping done, but not much more. I was trying to be emotionally support to her but now I cant listen. I just cant listen because it is so depressing. she is so depressed. and sick and everything is always wrong with everything. don't know if this is the place to post this. I am anxious. I am on meds for that. I am afraid a lot now. I don't know how I will cope when she dies. we were so close. I hate old age thank you.

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Oops, the link I gave you doesn't work for some strange reason.... [sigh].

Ok, go to the top right corner of this page, you will see SEARCH SITE.... type in "not everyone can be a caregiver", and that article will pop up.

Sandie, here is a good article about how not everyone can be a Caregiver. when I read that article I was so relieved because I am not good as a hands-on caregiver but pretty good when it comes to logistics. Age is against me, as I am a senior citizen trying to deal with much older parents.

As for your Mom, think about what she is going through, and why she is depressed. Depending on her age, she is upset that she can no longer do what she use to do when she was younger, so everything will become wrong with her life. I know I am feeling that way myself :(

If possible just let Mom vent to you, and you probably are the only person she can have these conversations with, depressing as they might be.

You mentioned you have a sister who is Mom's Power of Attorney. How is she helping out?

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