Can I b*tch and moan for a minute?


I realize that compared to some of you folks my sister does alot. But the last couple weeks have been h*llish. Mom ended up in the hospital for a few days. Co2 and probably dydration. I got the ambulance in the aid went with her and my sister met them there. Honestly we thought theyd just give her a bag or two of fluids and send her home. But they found the elevated CO2. So she spent about 4 days there (mostly because they gave her ativan and it kicked her to zombieville) My sister, her husband and her adult daught (who now lives about 50 miles away) usually do hospital duty . That way i can take a few days to sleep . This time My sis called me like 4-5 times a day . Kept talking about Mom dying and i had to go to the hosp one of the days . Incidentally every time mom has a health or disposition change shes not long for this world according to my sis. So we get her home and I take care of her. sleep in her room the first 5 nights which included last night do the new nebs stuff . Try to figure out the new lower o2 liters (cause its not working out when shes ambulatory AT ALL ) .

We had an appt at the VA today. Its been scheduled for a month . My sis informs me she's not going cause our old high school is closing and today was last day for a walk thru. (she did help with some of the paperwork) . Fine ok I go alone .. the nurse aid is there ( i just lose sleep time ..which is about all i do when the aid is there , besides dr appts for me). Moms holding water much more then usual . I tell aide to double does of the light water pill. I get home .. Sis is there freaking out. At some point during the day I call Moms cardiologist cause we have an appt on the 11th and in the mean time I'd like him to consult with the new respertory guy. Sis lives closer to doc that has to have paper signed to get record (cardio guy just went to diff office) . At some point my sister actually says to me " Well I have to do my own laundry and do my own grocery shopping . not like you who gets groceries delivered and has the aid to do laundry." My head about exploded .. yes I get groceries delivered CAUSE I CANT LEAVE THE HOUSE . Yes the aid some some laundry because steps are hard for me after the Chemo I had in 2016. When i still took care of MOM 2 out of 3 chemo cycle weeks.

At what point was I suppose to be sooo grateful that my sister helped take care of her own MOTHER.. Should Iput her up for sainthood? Maybe she should get a report card with gold stars. I suppose I'd go to jail if I smacker her upside her head ..sighs. Family can't live with them ..can't kill them ..grr

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Yes, vent all you can.

Wally I don't care! I even gave my SIL this site to check out when they took the ILs in. And I use my real name , I say nothing on here I would not say to them,, But that's just me. But I really think most of our "worries" dont come here. .they don't believe they need help

does anyone here worry about being identified (by stories they tell)by family members?
I think I read on here: someone said that most people who aren't involved so much, don't visit websites like this. ??

I understand too. wouldn't be good for my health - but if I had someone to b*tch and moan person... theyd have to put cotton in their ear.

You go right ahead and b*tch and moan. We've all been there.

I'm on the smack your sister upside the head line of thought. In jail, you would get 3 lousy meals, but you'd get some sleep.

Sis just sounds clueless, which intermittent CG's often are. They don't Want to do the yucky stuff, but they want YOU to do it acc. to their wishes. CAN'T win for trying.

I'm ready to START the grocery delivery thing b/c I am sick and tired of grocery shopping. Anything you can do to ease the daily 24/7 grind of caregiving should be employed!!

Tell her she can step in for the 24/7 ANY TIME she wants, but until she's ready to totally take over what you do, she can step off.

I think that complaining relatives make CG nearly impossible.

I feel the same way about my BIL and SIL,, B*tch and moan away...