I live on the east coast and my parents are on the west coast. I have not had a good relationship with my dad for a very long time. My parents are 82 and 83. My dad was very upset with me when I left because the person I came with he did not like. Now the past year I have been going through hell. I want them to come out here so I can take care of them. I have a good job and many responsiblites that I have to take care of. I try to talk to him and all he does is yell and verbaly abuse me. He said he is going to change the phone number and I won't be able to speak to my mom. there is so much going on I can't write it all. I am wiped out. I really don't even know it I did go back there if he would be happy. I see that my mom is more with drawn. So she does not have a lot to say. I can't call their doctors because my dad won't give me any info. This is not even half of it. Please, I need some feed back. Thank you.

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Hi Jessie Belle, I do not have any brothers and sisters or other family. So it is hard but thank you so much for your input I am not giving up in helping them.

Deborah, do you have any siblings or other relatives that you can talk to? They might give you some insight into what is going on. I'm afraid that if your parents have banned you from their life and information about it, there is little you can do except try to get information from other sources. Your parents' doctors would not be able to talk to you without written permission from your parents, so relatives would be your best bet.

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