How can I help my mother?


how do i get help to get my mother up here she is 91 and the family is trying to push her in no life so far she is fighting even if they hit

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yes she been in the old age home,and drag out by my one sister than she keep her for a month and man,o man she was 95 lbs and than put back in the hospitial and now my sisters kids got her and she don't know them or my sister she knows me she has kids in westminster MD but they care lee all they say is she is 91 and they don't want to mess with her why i don't have her is because i did't have the home i get 700 a month and am going to try a fine a place two bed room it will be hard because 700 don't get you far i live with my son under him in one room
but its a long story and she been hurt a lot broken arm,shoulder,rib,and hand,other arm they let her sit for 2 days before they took her to the drs i live in pa and don't hear about it untill i go down i try once a week my car is not the best and now the ones she is living with said am not welcome there no more because mother tell me what they do to her and when we leave they take it out on mother am tire of it so now am going to fight i know it will take a lot from me my kid will help she is
nurse i know i can not spell but i do my best to get it right.
thank you for careing
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Can you give more information are they trying to put her in a nursing home-has she been living alone-if you can give more information someone here will probably have gone through the same thing and would be able to help you.
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