How do I discuss hygiene issues with father-in-law?

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My father in law is in the process of moving in with us (we have been expecting it) and is in generally good health although he does complain of knee issues from time to time. Currently he visits for a week or two at a time but will not shower during that time...even with reminders from my husband (his son)...any recommendations for how to deal with this?

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Sorry to hear about the troubles with your father-in-law. You are not alone with the caregiver struggle to get their elderly loved on to bath or shower.

The following article might give you some ideas on how to address this hygiene issue with your father-in-law.

My Parent Won’t Shower or Change Clothes. What Should I Do?

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It should be your hubby that forces the issue with his dad. You shouldn't be the one to talk to him about his B.O. No way.

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