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Thanks for your help. I did find someone who is willing to try it and see if it works out. And, as you said, she also stated that it would be easier if she was already shampooed. I have a nurse's aide come out 2X a week to help her bathe, so we scheduled the appointment right after her bath and shampoo.I can have her sit her in her walk in tub. I think it will be a lot easier on her back. As far as finding someone, I just gave up on the internet and started calling salons. Sometimes the internet does not have all the answers.
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I am a hairdresser and I fully understand the need for this service. I recommend calling a salon in the area. Your Mom may have had a hairdresser that she uses on a regular basis. I know I have had clients that after hospital visits or under other circumstances where they could not visit the shop, I gladly would make a house call. I find it is easier for me if the client is set up as far as shampooed and the client can be in a space where plugs are within reach and enough space to walk around on all sides and best if the floor can be easily cleaned as far as hair cutting etc. I only do this in needed situations, on a temporary basis. If a client is able to get to a salon physically, it is better for both client and hairdresser, the social aspect is good medicine as well. It is nice to see that your Mom's appearance is important to you. It will make her feel better if she looks good too.
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Here are some places that may know of who does hair in the home, depending on where you live and how big your town is, try the Chamber of Commerce and ask them if they have a list of hair dressers who come to the home, look in the classified section of the paper, ask at the Senior Center for a list like that, place an ad in the paper listing your phone as the contact number, ask at the beauty school, call a beauty salon and ask them if any of their workers makes house calls.
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