My dad's nose drips clear watery fluid and it's a real problem for him. What is it?

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My dad is 77. He had some flu or sickness or possibly mild heat stroke a few years back. We took him to the hospital to be checked as he has diabetes and a prior stroke in 1994.

He was not feeling well and seemed weak but was not in terrible shape. He spent some time in the hospital and they never determined what if anything was wrong. they finally decided either an infection or a minor stroke.

He later had confusion which still comes and goes.

The one thing he came out of this with that has not ceased is a constant drip from his nose. Not snot. Clear water thin liquid. It drives him nuts and he has to have a hanky right there all the time. he can hardly eat as the drip gets faster
when he is eating.

I wish I could solve this for him so at least he would have one less problem.

also he can't take decongestant/benydrl type medicine

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The fact that he can't take a decongestant makes it hard. There are some allergy medications that act differently, so you should ask the doctor about over-the-counter Claritin and others. Allergies can cause this, but so can other medical problems. I have allergies and have had this happen and it's very frustrating, so I feel for your Dad. The only help I see - that is safe for him - is to keep working with the doctor.
some medications themselves cause this to happen too. You could ask the doctor if the prescribed medications he is on have this side effect. I know that cyclosporin, an anti*rejection medication for transplant patients caused it in my daughter after her double lung transplant, and I also know that my mom has had the same problem from some of her cardiac pills. Those are just other options, and it probably an allergy but, it also could be the meds.
I was sort of thinking he had picked up something at the hospital that was causing this problem. It started after his stroke or because of his hospital stay.

His meds are the same as before the nose drip (and he has a mountain of meds)

If it is an allergy it must be new and started with that hospital stay.
it also may be his bp . my husband noses drips but not as bad , i knew a guy at work his nose drips alot . i ask him about it he said its meds to treat his heart and bp ...
Thank you for you answers.

He does take heart and bp medicine along with many others for diabetes. Maybe they started causing this problem because he became so much less active.


Sounds like an allergy.From the purpose of the nose to sinus conditions, it might help you identify the cause(s). There's nothing like being well prepared before seeing a doctor.

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-- ED
Thanks edvierajr (ED)
I read about chronic rhino and looked it up on other sites. I think I will make my dad an appt with an ear, nose, and throat specialist.
Since he never had allergies or this problem in the past and is now 76/77 years old I am thinking it could be something else.
But who knows. One of the sites said tumors in the nasal passages or blockage.
I think an ear, nose throat doctor may be best.

Thank you!
Along the same lines...My mom has had a sniffly nose for a couple weeks. While I am trying to find out the cause, does anyone know how I can help clear her nose so she can breathe easier? I am reluctant to add any more meds to the mountain she already takes. It sounds like real thin liquidy stuff, which would be easy to to clear by blowing the nose, but she no longer knows how to blow her nose, so all she can do is try to breathe in through the stuff, which is very tiring for her, and makes it so she can't breathe while she is eating or drinking, so she has to "come up for air" after she eats a couple of bitefulls or drinks a couple of gulps, which makes eating take longer and is very tiring for her.
I realize the original post was written back in 2010, but for others who are dealing with what sounds like a stuffy nose, it would be anything.... something as simple as new detergent for washing clothes... or new fabric softener... new soap or shampoo... even a food allergy such as milk... scented candles or plug in scented oils.... new toothpaste... one has to be Columbo to search it out.

My allergies go into over drive at the beginning of Fall time due to the falling leaves + rain = mold spore. Had to experiment with different types of antihistamines until I found one user friendly. For me, I found that the children doses worked the best. Or adult doses cut in half. But check with one's doctor first so the allergy meds don't interfere with other meds, or make the person feel too sleepy.

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