I can't SLEEP. Any suggestions on how a caregiver can get some sleep?

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Is it due to caregiving needs or could it be related to depression/anxiety? I have the latter of the two. I am off and on meds all the time. Unfortunately, I am very sensitive to chemicals, so when I tire of feeling like a zombie, I stop taking the junk.
I'm luck in that my father sleeps a full eight hours or more. Usually, he's in bed from 12pm til 8am.

My mother is keeping me up either due to inconsistence or pain from the lymphodema. Last night it was the legs.
When my mom was alive, she was most active at night. I worked from 4:30pm to 1am and when I got home, she was ready to rock and roll. She could not be reasoned with; she had alzheimers. She did not know when night and day was. Since my dad cared for her during the day, I tried to stay away at night by sleeping on the floor by her bed so my dad could get some rest. I was sleepy, really sleepy but I continued to work. I thought it would never end. I had periods of "spacing out" while on my job; I don't know how I got through it. Now my mom is gone and it me and my 94 year old dad. You might try support groups - that should help you to relate and hear suggestions. I never got it figured out - I was just really sleepy and spacey.
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A sleep med that works, when used occasionally, is Ambien. You might want to talk to your doctor about it.
I agree with anne123. Ambien is a very mild sleep aid. I told my mom about it, then the doctor prescribed it for her. She could not quite comprehend what it's function was suppose to be so she made me go out in the rain and pick it up. Then later that night she refused to take it.

Well the next night she took it, slept beautifully, as did I, and she never took it again. Go figure!

But if used occasionally it does work very well.
The specialist for mom's legs suggested I ask mom's gp for a sleeping aid. The doctor declined, because of medication interaction.

I have a follow up visit with him next week. He's my doctor also.

I'll again bring up the subject and ask about ambien.

Thank you!
You may want to look into Valerian or Rescue Remedy ( if you just feel anxious and can't sleep) Both of these supplements do not have any side effects - unlike some other medicines where people make sandwiches while they are asleep! I have the same problem and wish you good luck and sweet dreams. ;)
This is tough to solve, because caregivers tend to--should I say "always"-- put the needs of their charge before their own. Alzheimer's and dementia screw up the person's clock, as mentioned earlier. I struggled with this for many months as I took the night shift with Mother from 8 pm until 10 am. I had help during the day since I work. Until we figured out how to get a 93 year old to sleep through at least 8 hours at night, I did not sleep well, plus the constant awareness of a mother monitor so you can hear every snore and reason to jump out of your skin.
We kept her moving during the day, did NOT let her nap, but she would start to nod off during dinner. We found the best sedative cocktail for her to allow her to sleep from 9pm- ish to 5 or 6am-ish. However, you cannot stay up yourself then, and watch tv or-- you must go to bed and sleep. Not every night works perfectly, but if you get 3 good nights of sleep, you'll be a different person. When you start dozing off somewhere because YOU are not taking care of your own basic needs time to consider hiring someone to come in a few nights so you can sleep. If you are able, a brisk walk in late afternoon will also help you to fall asleep later.
Yes,,I have tried to ask for a sleep sedative but i got my antidepressant increased and on muscle relaxers to help with generalized pain with having to transition hubby alot being paralyzed on his left side but not his mouth. I also walk just about everywhere in this small town because if i get restless during the day i just bolt out the door...getting enough excerise does help. I usually use melantinin its a natural sleep supplement.

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