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When we get angry, overwhelmed, side-tracked by others' needs we might forget to make time for little things that keep us happy within ourselves throughout the day. Aside from emotional eating (usually on sweets or bad types of fats), what kinds of activities and small rituals do you do by and for yourself to help you stay on the track of feeling good about yourself, healthy, hopeful, spiritually connected, and knowing you are fueling your inner joy?
Let's share some ideas and practices and see if we can inspire each other.

I think there is always a moment or something that you do that calls you "home".


My husband and I always try to sit together each day to watch the news, have a glass of wine, and talk. We've actually done this all throughout our 37 years of marriage, but find that now it's even more important to reconnect at the end of the day, even though we spend most days here together.
i need to be accomplishing something . thats what bout killed me out at moms house . no projects and the constant feeling that i was just camping there .
edna at nh gets agitated and shaky unless they give her work to do . idle time gives a person too much time to dwell on their fears imo ..
I have my sculpting.... my hands end up having a mind of their own, my mind goes blank and things appear....... a great mental break for me...... I MAKE time to do it.....
You are so right cap'n. I love beading! I get lost in all the sparkly stuff then it is 3 in the morning before I know it!! It has been way too long since I did it! I will have to make the time and get some holiday gifts made, since budget is tight this year!
I enjoy everything to do with crafting and I have tried so many and enjoy the variety and just thinking about new projects. now I am getting to the stage where my body prevents me from doing a lot of things. This summer I have been doing a lot of gardening which is more time consuming now. I also purchased an automatic jam maker and have made a lot of different sorts. have been doing a lot of canning too. everything used to go in the freezer but now I find that we don't use as much food and get a lot of freezer burn so canning makes more sense these days.
i also enjoy going to rummage and garage sales and fixing things up or repurposing. right now I am dreaming about converting a school bus to living space on a minute budget. Given the price of land to park it may have to remain a dream. so many things and so little time. no time for boredom in my retirement.
Today mom and I ( she mostly snoozed) tie dyed 3 shirts. Once they dry we will add some bedazzle to them. Probably to that tomorrow. Really need to find other stuff to keep my head from exploding with solitude. 4 months of rain rain more rain and cold will drive me nuttier.

I agree Cap, if I am not accomplishing anything I feel stuck and useless. Seems to me, even though I am taking full time care of mom, that there is something else I can do when she's napping (aside the obvious house crap) something that entertains me and has some sort of skill involved, something that will help later on when things are different?

Hitting level 400 on Candy Crush didn't quite feel accomplishing :/
In the immortal words of Bob Seger --

Still like that old time rock 'n' roll
That kind of music just soothes the soul
I reminisce about the days of old
With that old time rock 'n' roll

Nothing like music to stir the imagination and transport a person from the mundane to a better place. Happy music is a good natural antidepressant. Mellow music is a good sedative. There's music for every mood.
i totally refound myself while canning this fall .. all those pretty apples will make great trading material too .. already swapped some for some steel tubing .
the doc im working for gave me an endless firewood cutting gig this spring after i completed some stone landscaping for him . hes possibly the most brilliant person ive ever befriended and i know for a fact that he sent me to the forest because he knew the woodcutting was good therapy for me after losing mom and the upheaval of moving back home . so im saying that good , physical , no brainer type work is relaxing for a person too .
and yea i light up some jams every now and then too . if you guys arent aware of it , im telling you now . you can get the proper cable about anywhere to plug into your pc earphone jack and shove it into one of the functions on your home stereo receiver ( ie phono ) and you are suddenly jammin on youtube at 200 watts ..
I set aside time for some mindless activities every day. Video games, tv shows or reading a book. I set aside time to spend with my SO daily as well (I'm in a LDR, and he's in a wildly different timezone, 5 hours ahead of mine). We play games or watch videos together on Skype. I also love to cook (even if both parents are beyond picky about their food), and read quite a few different foodblogs for ideas on new things to try.
Playing tennis, go out lunch or dinner with good friends, go see my daughters, love to play Pac-man(my high score 22500)...my grandson said nobody's playing this type of game!! But it is so fun!! Go lookout around antique shop for just look!! Those list I do in the my 72hrs off days, back to work 96 hrs....English is my second language but read books from kindle.

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